Black Piranha Photographic Policy.

Official company policy statement.

Photography and  Ownership.

Any  images taken by Miss Young are hers and she maintains the rights to the copyright of all such images and  works of videography and photography of  photogenic and or photographic image, film or service in part or in whole.

 Where Miss Young has taken  images for  a client she does so under the name  Miss Gemma Young Black Piranha Photographic.

Where Miss Young has  photographed public events such as protest demonstration events at a national level, She  does so under her own name Miss Gemma Young not Black Piranha Photographic.

Miss  Young chose of her own free will to  place such photography on her web site so they maybe be viewed. 

It is at Miss Young discretion weather or not such Photography highlighted above should or shouldn't be sold for money in transaction. 

Miss Young maintains ownership and copyright of all images taken and will not in anyway surrender right or entitlement to copyright to any second or third party for the purposes of re-sale or promotion on a web site owned by a second or third party  with a view for such person or persons to benefit of the receipt of monies at the expense of Miss Young. 

Miss Young retains the right to make changes of editorial nature to the Black Piranha Photographic web site logo, name, Images and videography in whole or in part. at her discretion.

In the  event of ownership of Miss Youngs photography and receipt of moneys for such photography, videography and her service as a photographer. Miss will not forfeit the right of ownership of such photography and videography, photographic service  to any second or third party out side of Miss Young name and brand.

Miss Young maintains right and entitlement and ownership of and to Black Piranha Photographic and will not pass ownership to a second or third party or parties regardless of who they are or who they  represent on behalf of an identified party.

Miss Young  retains ownership and registration to  the Black Piranha Photographic name and logo as sited below.

Training &  employment

Black Piranha Photographic has not offered training or employment trough it's web site or Social media. Miss Young has no plans to do so and has not advertised any plans or opportunities to do so. Miss Young is a registered Sole Trader with HMRC since 2018. Any one speculating or claiming that Black Piranha Photographic will or plans to offer employment or training is wrong to do so and mistaken. Miss Young has never advocated a desire to do so but has  said that if her business model were to change and adjust under her wish then she would make the appropriate adjustment if she decided that was something she wished to do. Miss Young has no desire to change or adjust her business model, Miss Young intends  on staying a Sole Trader.


Black Piranha Photographic  is a business name registered in accordance with section 1200 - 1206 of the companies act 2006, the above is a business name owned by Miss Gemma Young. Business name registration number 2299408  Established 2018, The National Business Register LLP.

Miss Young is registered for self assessment with HMRC since August 2018, She is also a registered Sole Trader with HMRC. Miss Young is the holder of the necessary UTR Tax code of self assessment as a Sole Trader. She currently trades under the name Black Piranha Photographic which is registered with HMRC.


Miss Gemma Young holds the necessary Public Liability insurance since August 2018 and has the necessary certificate to prove this. Miss Young is insured up to the value of five million pounds. This enables her to provide photography coverage for public and private events.

Services &  Photography

Black Piranha Photographic offers Photographic services from still photography to videography, But Miss Young does not supply Graphic  design services. 

Logo & Design

The  Black Piranha Photographic logo is designed and created by Miss Gemma Young. No outside agency has been paid or used to create the black Piranha Photographic logo on the company web site and social media.  

Logo Protection

The Black Piranha Photographic logo is registered with a recognised witness agent.  

Which Miss Gemma Young has registered the Black  Piranha Photographic logo with. Protect My Work are a recognised independent  commercial witness agent, specialising in the protection of company logo and images. Black Piranha Photographic is a registered client of  Protect My Work.

Branding & Logo

Meaning or explaining of the  brand name.

The word Black is  used because it is the dominate colour  of Piranhas today. The  word Piranha is used in it's natural context to describe a native species of fish found in the Amazon river basin.

The word Photographic is  used in the context set out below.

 1.  Of, relating to,  or  consisting  of  photography  or  a  photograph.

2.  Used  in  photography: a photographic lens.

3.  Resembling  a  photograph, especially representing  or  simulating something with great accuracy and fidelity  of  detail.

4.  Capable  of  retaining accurate  or  vivid impressions: a photographic memory.

Source on line   Thesaurus  The free Dictionary .

Brand name & research.

Before the  Black Piranha Photographic brand was placed on this web site and social media, the  meaning behind the wording of the company name was heavy researched,  and found  the word  photographic to mean as a reference to photography or be photographed and or the equipment used in photography.  This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Founder & owner  Miss Gemma Young